Andrea Barclay Counselling and Consulting 


Andrea offers mediation for specific parenting issues and the development of a parenting plan.  Andrea uses an educational approach to teach parents to communicate and make proposals for long standing skill development while assisting the parents in making current decisions for their family in a neutral and safe environment. 


This is a retainer based model, and requires a signed retainer agreement.   Please contact the office to request a Retainer Contract.

The following must be completed prior to the initial intake sessions:

1. Each party along with their counsel should complete and sign the Mediation Contract.

2. In addition, counsel should provide their respective clients with an ILA certificate.

3. Each party should complete the Contact sheet provided and submit it to our office via fax or email.

4. Andrea will request a brief, three-way conference call with counsel, to identify what documents if any they wish to provide as well as a quick overview of the issues.

5. The initial retainer payment to be provided. ( if there is a wait list , this is only required at the time of service commencing).

Once all documents and retainers be provided the intake sessions with the parents will be scheduled, or placed on a wait list if necessary.