Andrea Barclay Counselling and Consulting 

Child Therapy

Andrea offers a positive and welcoming approach and environment for children engaging in therapy.  Children can experience anxiety, depression, social challenges, adjustment problems to new situations, and struggles with intense emotions.  Andrea provides a play oriented approach with the use of creative, storytelling and educational methods unique for each child.   Andrea often works with children experiencing divorce, and can assist children in the adjustment and emotions of this experience.  


Therapy with Youth

Andrea provides compassionate support and guidance for youth struggling with the challenges of adolescence, including anxiety, depression, social challenges, behavioural issues, emotional concerns, family changes, peer issues, sexuality, academic issues and  self-esteem.   These challenges can interfere with family relationships, peer relationships and academic functioning.    The goal of therapy is to assist a youth in reaching their goals and potential for more stabilizing mental health and daily functioning.

Consent from parents is required for child and youth therapy and initial intake sessions with parents is part of the process.