Custody and Access Assessment

When parents are unable to agree upon co-parenting issues including decision making and scheduling of parenting time following a separation, a Section 30 evaluator may be appointed by the courts or may be designated by a consent order to carry out a custody and access assessment and make recommendations to be submitted to the court or to the parents. An evaluation includes the gathering of  information through interviews with parents, partners, children, professionals, friends and family members, as well as observational visits between the parents and their children. Andrea would compile and gather all the above-noted information and present her clinical impressions and professional recommendations to the parents in a disclosure meeting, and for the consideration of the court.  A parenting plan would be provided and if requested a comprehensive report may be written. 

This is a retainer based model, and requires a signed retainer agreement.   Please contact the office to request a Retainer Contract.

The following must be completed prior to the initial intake sessions:

1. Each party along with their counsel should complete and sign the Custody and Access Contract.

2. In addition, counsel should provide their respective clients with an ILA certificate.

3. Each party should complete the Contact sheet provided and submit it to our office via fax or email

4. Andrea will request a brief, three-way conference call with counsel, to identify what documents if any they wish to provide as well as a quick overview of the issues.

5. The initial retainer payment to be provided.

Once all documents and retainers be provided the intake sessions with the parents will be scheduled.