Through dedicated, professional efforts and best practice principles, I will strive to provide high quality, flexible and affordable services in which individuals and families have an opportunity to strengthen and develop emotional well being, and personal growth.

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Personal Counselling
Andrea Barclay Counselling - PersonalLife is full of wonderful and stressful life events. I offer a supportive, educational and solution focused approach to people who are looking for personal development and self growth. People seek personal counselling to improve their current life situation and to cope with life stresses. By building on personal strength, values, and connecting with your true self, I can assist you in finding solutions that improve your personal circumstances. My services are flexible and I offer in-your-home sessions to make accessibility to services easier.  In office sessions also available.  Areas that people may need some assistance with include: 

depression     anxiety     stress related issues     issues relating to separation and divorce      custody and access issues following marital separation        relationships issues     grief/loss     trauma     work related stresses/job loss     parent/child conflict     effective communication     stress management     conflict resolution 

Couples Counselling
Andrea Barclay Counselling - CouplesWhen couples and families need additional support, I am happy to provide a safe place to work through issues. The goal in Couples or Family Counselling is to see relationships healed and improved to the joy of everyone involved.  Couples and Family Counselling explores the healing process through the identification of the relevant issues, while rebuilding communication, and putting in place a practical plan to cultivate a healthy and rewarding relationship. My services are flexible and I offer in-your-home sessions to make accessibility to services easier.  In office sessions are also available.
Youth Counselling
Andrea Barclay Counselling - YouthToday many young people are facing a range of challenges. I offer support to promote youth's daily functioning including improved school attendance, reduced aggression and behaviour problems, development of communication and relationship skills, and encouragement of healthy lifestyle and recreational choices.  The delivery of the service is flexible and is adapted based on the specific needs of the students.  I offer private in-your-home services (and when the student and school are in agreement) - I can offer private in-school sessions.  On school or home site counselling allows the service to be more accessible for the student.  In office counselling also available.



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